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Just Two Things Make Every Situation In Life A Blessing! True Stories | Ustadh Asim Khan

This life of ours is like a roller coaster, ups and downs, twists and turns, and it never ends until we take our final breath.

But for a believer in every turn in their life, in the moment of blessing and in the moment of difficulty, there is always a way that we can behave better.

Two scenarios represent the two paths that will lead us to Paradise, In sha Allah. That is the path of gratitude and the path of patience.

Allah made you a believer; in good times and in bad times, the believer always benefits, always gains, always moves forward, SubhanAllah.

when you miss something, which means that you wanted something and it didn’t go your way;

This plan is what Allah wants and what Allah wants is better than what I want.

The tests that Allah sends our way are of two types. Allah says in surah al Anbiya, that We surely test you with good and bad as a trial. And to Us is your ultimate return.

Tests, therefore come, in the form of goodness, fortune, blessing as well as hardship.