About A Smooth Sailing In A Tumultuous Life | Mufti Menk

Before you were born Allah Almighty has already written certain things about you and I. The exact time of birth, the exact time of death, whether or not we will be fortunate, and at the same time the sustenance that will be ours, the tests and the major challenges.

So the major aspects of your lives and mine were written prior to your birth. Now the tests that you were going to have, are going to have, shall have are also determined by Allah Almighty.

You need to know your tests. You will go through them. You have to go through them one by one. It is impossible for anyone on Earth to have it smooth sailing totally.

It’s up to you to realize you cannot have it smooth sailing. There is not a soul on earth who has everything because you came on to this Earth in order to be tested.

Tests come from Allah. You can manage but only with the help of Allah. On your own, you cannot do it. If you remove Allah from the equation and you don’t want to pray and you don’t want to bear patience, you won’t succeed.

There’s no chance that we are not going to have someone without anxiety. You don’t know the future. That itself is the level of anxiety.

But faith will keep you going with calmness.

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