How To Deal With The Thought ‘Why Everyone’s Life Is Better than Mine’ – Mufti Menk

The reason why Allah (swt) allows a believer to go through certain stages at times is in order for us to realize that the mistake was right at the beginning.

The minute we fall ill, the minute calamity strikes, the first thing we need to do is turn to Allah. The difference between a believer and one who does not believe is that the believer primarily turns to Allah before everything we say Bismillah..

You cannot blame the Takdir of Allah (swt), the predestined of one thing that may have led to another thing, When Allah gave you the capacity and the mind and the ability to do or not to do.

Allah creates positives out of a negative. What seems negative to you is a positive to Allah (swt). If you are a believer and you lay your trust in Allah, nothing can go wrong. You’re a believer. You don’t look at it negatively. It’s a trying time. It’s a test. It’s a difficulty.

But amazing are the affairs of a true believer. For indeed, all his or her affairs are good. If something bad happens physically to us, as we human beings would look at, we would consider it to be the decree of Allah. It was a good thing. We bear patience and the patience will result in us being rewarded immeasurably.

And if something good according to us happened where we achieved what we thought, we wanted to achieve as humankind, we make what is known as Shukr. We thank Allah. We don’t become haughty. We don’t become arrogant. We don’t become people who think they are mighty and so on. We understand this was from Allah. It is also temporary. But Allah has given us this gift. And so we will become even closer to Allah.

Don’t ever question the decree of Allah. Thank Allah. Let it be a means of drawing you closer to Allah through all your Ibada and staying away from sin and engaging in Istighfar and you need to know daybreak only follows the darkest hours of the night.

Don’t forget, you’re a human being. You will falter. But you will also repent immediately and make amends regarding your relationship with Allah.

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