The Existence Of Creator Is Well-Rooted Within Us How | Shamsi To Couple Visitor | Speakers Corner

The Quran always direct us to use our intellect, to use our brains. Why? Because we look at ourselves and we can see how we are designed like you have eyebrows above your eyes. Why? Because, sweat… sweat contains salt. It keeps going to your eyes; it will blind your eyes. That cannot come randomly or come from a blind matter. Then there must have a Creator.

That’s why we believe that knowing the Creator exists is something which is well rooted within us.

Think, every part of my body has a purpose. What about me as a whole? Am I here just to drink and eat like animals or I’m here for a greater purpose? Those Questions’ answers are in the Quran.

What makes Islam very special; Islam comes with five things if we observe them, our society would be a good society.

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