How To Overcome Seven Obstacles To Reconnect With Allah | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

A lifestyle that is closer to Allah (swt) and nearer to the happiness of this world, and the hereafter; people who are in regret of their past, fed up with their sin, sick and tired of being miserable, And so their eyes and their souls have finally turned towards tawbah/ repentance. this blessed group of people; They complain of what they perceive to be obstacles that limit their ability to properly repent.

The first perceived illusionary obstacle is this, he said, it’s only a minor sin, it’s minor, other people are doing far worse. Now, that statement could only be uttered by someone who doesn’t see Allah (swt) in the light that He deserves to be seen in. Do not look at the smallness of the sin, but consider the greatness of the one whom you have just disobeyed.

Second argument; he or she may say, if I knew that Allah would forgive a person like me, I would not hesitate to repent now. Allah is happier with your repentance.

Argument number three; Look, since repentance resets my sins to zero, and it does just that. What about the years that I’ve wasted? see, Shaitaan, he will attempt to derail somebody from the path of repentance. by saying other people are so ahead of you. Allah says, Except for those who repent, and they believe, and they walk righteous deeds for them, Allah will replace their sins into good deed. Sins replaced into good deeds for he who repents.

Argument number four, brother or sister may say I’ve chosen the path of repentance, but I have now pressure from my family and friends. don’t give up and don’t give people more attention than they are worth.

Arguments number five: I want to repent, but friends are threatening me. They say that if I walk away, they will expose me. You’re a dignified Muslim. You are not to be toyed with by the allies of Shaitaan. The plots of Shaitaan; remember, by their nature they are weak.

A sixth obstacle that stands in the way, he or she who wants to repent: They say, I can’t forgive myself what I’ve done in the past. That’s a sign of sincere repentance, because the Prophet (pbuh) said, regret is repentance. And Furthermore, even if the sin is erased after repentance, there are things that should never be erased. Shyness at Allah, from Allah and having confronted Him with the sin to begin with…. How foolish is he who prefers that brief moment of pleasure in Haram, the regret of which never leaves his heart, even if he is forgiven!- Ibn al-Jawzi (rah)

Argument number seven: I don’t feel that I have anything particular to repent about. no one in existence will enter Paradise through their good deeds. If it wasn’t the mercy of Allah, the Hell Fire would be our rightful home.


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