Most Powerful Ruqyah Duas Against Any Type Of Black Magic And Evil Eye

‘Ruqyah’ is the practice of treating illnesses through Qur’ānic āyāt and invocations as

prescribed by the Messenger of Allah (SAW) .It provides a cure for evil eye, magic and Physical ailments.

Conditions for Ruqyah to be successful:

  1. Intention: Ruqyah is a du’ā. The intention should always be to ask Allah to remove the evil by the words of the Qur’ān.
  2. Conviction (yaqīn) One should recite loudly and clearly, with firm conviction and belief in Allah, who Alone gives cure.
  3. Patience & Consistency Like all treatment, consistency is key. Daily recitation, du‘ā’ and other treatments must be maintained for positive results.

As well providing a cure, Ruqyah is an excellent way for the believers to build their

Imān and reaffirm their tawhīd for Allah (swt) .Indeed seeking treatment through the

Qur’ān demonstrates complete belief in the Book of Allah (swt).

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