Listen To It! Blaming Allah For Your Failure Or Happening Negative Things | Mufti Menk

Why does Allah allow negative things to happen? Do you know that Allah has given man and Allah has given His creatures to a certain extent, some form of a choice in some of what they do and some of what they say, etcetera?

So Allah has given us a choice within what He has allowed in order to test us and this Allah explains in the Quran in a few places. in gratitude and disbelief come hand-in-hand, you know, so Allah has allowed us certain Leeway but all of that is within the permission of Allah, within the power of Allah nothing happens, except by the permission and knowledge of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

Allah says, you know, your striving is very different. It will be each one will strive in his or her own unique way.

Before Allah created you, He asked you a question. What was the question? Am I not your Lord, your Creator? And what did we all respond? We said, indeed, you are. We bear witness that you are. so we actually said this and we forgotten it and Allah says in the Quran, come on the day of judgment and say to Us that oh! We are oblivious of this. We didn’t know this. Allah says there is a nature within you a fitrah, fitrah meaning that Natural Instinct within you to turn towards your Maker alone.

So Allah says that within the nature of man if it is uncontaminated from birth, And there is no external factor that fills that hard drive with that which is unacceptable, automatically The hard drive will fill itself with that which recognizes that I have a supreme Maker who made me, whom I’m going to return to because that would be common sense Allah gave us the sense. He gave us the brains and He has actually left that brain in a way that it is filled as time passes by the surroundings, by the people around you, by those who brought Up, and this is why Allah says to us through the Blessed lips of Muhammad (SAW), every single child is born;

They are only born upon the nature, the nature of recognizing Allah alone, recognizing that you have a Maker, recognizing that the Maker is in control. You’re going to go back to the Maker. He deserves worship alone. That is called al fitrah And as for the parents, what do they do?  They divert them to one of the religions either Christianity or Judaism or whatever else it may be. So, that shows us that this hard drive being filled by something by human beings. It can be filled by the wrong thing.

We are taught the first thing you should teach your child about is Allah. Following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihe wasalam, The Purity, the worship, the good habits, The Good Deeds. That’s what you should teach your child manners.

Nothing happens except by the decree, permission and will of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, He has let us do certain things as a test for us. He allows it and Allah says when bad happens on Earth, do not blame Me. Blame yourselves, you did it, you are the ones who caused issues and problems and the evil effects Of your own Deeds comes back to you to haunt you to harm you and then you want to blame Me? What about all the good that has happened?

Calamity that has struck you is because of what you did with your own hands. You caused problems; don’t blame Allah for your failure, Oh man.

Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala gave you the knowledge or the brain to recognize right from wrong. You chose not to, you chose to allow yourself to be programmed in a wrong way And this is why the pen is not writing Deeds until you arrive at the age of maturity, when you must ask about your faith, your religion and the apps in your device, And you must delete some of those apps that are dangerous and you must recondition your mind and brain in order for it to come in sync with what Allah has revealed.

That’s the only time we’re going to be able to achieve success is when we rethink the entire system that we have into or with that which Allah Has revealed. This is what Allah wants from us.

Remember don’t make a mockery of yourself because at the end of the day you have no option but but to return to Allah. You have no option but to be at the mercy of Allah, you have no option but to go back to where you came from.  Allah will give you a sense of goodness, calmness, contentment happiness, even with the Calamity that strikes.

It’s a message because life is too short those who have amassed, haven’t achieved anything; those who had good, looks haven’t achieved anything. The only people who’ve achieved are those who have turned to Allah. May Allah grant us a good turning.


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