Why Are You Taking To This Sister | Mufti Menk

What would it have cost me to have come out and be nice to them and so on?

some people say but why don’t you discuss this particular topic, for those of them who are my friends I tell them, well, have you discussed, they say, yes. Well then isn’t that enough? I mean look you’re doing one thing. I’m doing one thing. I’m not going to tell you do what I’m doing. So, please don’t tell me do what you’re doing because all of this we’re working for the same boss, for the same deen.

We’re calling towards the same Allah. So, it’s amazing how it doesn’t cost us to be kind to be nice.

You have to be kind to everyone. You have to smile at everyone. You have to greet everyone. You have to try and listen…. , I’m speaking to her as though she’s my own sister, someone is crying and a lot of the times one good word from you would change her life by the help of Allah. Why not, that’s your opportunity.

We want to cater for humankind at large.

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