The Signs Tell You Who Your True Friend Is | Mufti Menk

Islam has taught us how to select your friends and has advised us what type of friends we should have. It’s also made mention of the impact of friends and how on the Day of Judgment a person who had bad friends would actually regret those particular friends.

Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala says o you who believe be conscious of Allah, develop the correct relationship with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and be in the company of those who are as-Sadikin. So who are as-Sadikin? They are the ones who are truthful. They are true to Allah.

A true friend will not tell you what you want to hear. But we’ll tell you what you need to hear. a true friend will correct you in a beautiful way not just cheer you on when you’re going in the wrong direction. A true friend will tell you my brother my sister what you did is actually not right. subhanALlah, those are true friends.

Allah says the best of friends in this world on that day will be the worst of enemies besides those who had a good relationship with Allah, those who had taqwa, those who had piety which means they will start blaming each other; I’m in Hell Fire today because of you, other one will say no it’s because of you and so on.

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