Why Allah Creates The Things & Prohibits Then! Mufti Menk

We spoke about the prohibition of intoxicants as well as gambling and Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala makes mention of some of the reasons. Some people ask a question;

Why did Allah create things and then asked us not to engage in them or not to participate or not to do then?  Why did He not just leave them and not create them at all and only tell us to worship Him through instructions and obligations.

well, Allah tests us with both asking us to do things as well as asking us to stay away from things.

Sometimes while questioning the wisdom of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala people begin to dwindle in faith not realizing the harms of these things.

If you take a look at those whose lives are all about intoxicants and gambling there is always something wrong with the remembrance of Allah and their prayer and many times They’re involved in feuds and fights enmity and hatred.

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