The Best Way To Get Laylatul / Lailatul Qadr Accepted | Important One | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

What is siam? What is fasting? did the prophet (saw) say that whoever does not pray Taraweeh, you know with these many units and whoever does not finish the quran with these many times, Allah has no need for their fasting, no.

The prophet (saw) said whoever does not leave off, you know, false speech. Allah has no need for them to leave right, what’s the point of view leaving off your food and your drink.

Am I doing anything that would violate, that it would violate the fast, which would violate these blessed nights? Am I watching something that I should not be watching? Am I saying something I should not be saying? Am I doing something I should not be doing”?

what’s the best way to get laylatul qadr accepted? Don’t do anything that would cause laylatul qadr to be rejected. What’s going to purify me on the inside? What’s going to bring me closer to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala?

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