The Thing Allah Repeats Thrice In Surah Al-Baqarah And How Black Magic Goes Against Faith | Citocs-Ep2 | Mufti Menk

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him says whoever visits a magician to cast a spell has disbelieved in what Muhammad peace be upon him has brought. It is wrong for anyone to do that which is unacceptable like casting a spell or visiting a person who would cast a spell. Remember it is equally wrong for us to accuse the innocent of casting spells or being a witch or a wizard.

We stop accusations. We stop casting spells. We stopped visiting others who cast spells or claim to bring about goodness for you because they will never bring about goodness for you. Goodness lies in the hands of Allah.

Allah says we have favoured you Way Beyond any test that has come in your direction. During times of crisis when you concentrate on the positives, you will definitely make the negative that is right in front of you seem very small.

We were sent on to the Earth in order to be tested. From the moment we were born right up to the moment we shall return to Allah. We will be tested one after the other. So many things will happen for Allah to actually give us an opportunity to shine and to develop a better relationship with Him.

Nobody not a soul on Earth has had it the way they wanted it. We’ve all had it the way Allah wants it, wanted it and shall have it. So learn to develop a relationship with Allah and understand you will be tested. It doesn’t mean Allah hates you. It doesn’t mean He’s angry with you.

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