A Drunkard Shouting Out Allah Allah! Exploit The Opportunities For Repentance From Annoying Moments | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

You were put there for a reason. That is an opportunity for me to benefit from and I could have easily overlooked you, the same way that that woman could have easily overlooked that dog.

Often you cannot understand someone Else’s vulnerability unless you’ve been vulnerable in the same way; Even if it’s to a lesser extent.

The woman that was thirsty saw that that dog was thirsty for the same water; imam Malik Deenar (rah) saw that that young man was thirsty for the water of guidance. The way that he wants was thirsty for the water of guidance.

Whether Allah puts a bad neighbor in your life or Allah (swt) puts, you know an animal in your life that surrounds you or a Coke can and Street anything right? What are these opportunities of repentance? That Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala keeps on putting in your way, Right?

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