What Allah Loves The Most And Displeases Him Special Thanks Go To All Key Workers | Mufti Menk

I want to tell you not to panic, don’t worry. things will be fine. If you look at the percentage of deaths, it’s actually very small compared to those affected. So what we need to do is we need to make the most of this time to turn to the almighty in every way. What is it that actually pleases Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala? to be honest, in a Hadith qudsi He tells us what He loves the most and there he says there is nothing more loved to me than that Which I made compulsory.

So it’s obvious from that that he only made it compulsory because he loves it. So if you want the love of Allah and you would like to earn the pleasure of Allah something you need to do is fulfill that which is obligatory compulsory in terms of your five daily prayers especially, so if something is compulsory and Allah has made it compulsory fulfill it. You will earn his pleasure when you do it, do it properly do it. because You want to do it, do it because you enjoy it. Take your time.

Don’t cut Corners, the same would apply, the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam tells us in that narration that thereafter once the obligations are done a worshipper continues to engage in that which is voluntary but recommended in terms of Sunnah or nafal in the Arabic language and they would gain even more closeness to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. similarly What would displease Allah is to engage in that which is Haram. So we need to make sure we talk properly, We use our time properly, many people unfortunately are using their time very destructively online. They are recording themselves in an inappropriate way and posting it up. They are visiting sites, They’re not supposed to, this might be, might be in the case of some, the last few days of yours on Earth Is that how you want to spend them?

I think it’s important to remind each other as much as there is hope that we would perhaps most of us survive and I pray that all of us survived but that having been said you and I know the reality is people are going and Allah alone knows who’s going to go? don’t spend the last few days or the days of hardship in a way that you’re earning even more of the … or the displeasure of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to say the least. This is just a short message.

I thought I’d share with you to encourage myself and yourselves. To take a moment to fulfill that which is compulsory properly, enjoy it and then don’t do that which is destructive of that which will earn the displeasure of Allah. may Allah make it easy for everyone of us. This is just sincere sound advice from your brother. It starts off with myself And then for every one of us, I really pray for those who have put their lives at risk to serve others. There are so many more, thanking the doctors and those on the front line and so many others have messaged me to say there Are people who are helping the elderly, there are drivers. There are public workers, There are so many who are still out there, risking their lives many of you have stayed away from home, many of you have long shifts, many of you are very tired, exhausted and I’ve been reading so many stories. Congratulations. We have no words to describe the brilliant work that you’re doing. this goes to all the staff, the emergency staff, the doctors, the surgeons, the nurses, the helpers ,everyone there are so many out there whom we may not even know. may Allah bless you. We’re really praying for you. And we consider you the true heroes and heroines of this particular struggle against coronavirus covid-19. Please don’t give up. may Allah bless you all and Grant you a beautiful recompense.

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