When Three Beautiful Statements Made By Umar (Ra) | Hadith Related With Quarantine During Outbreak | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

6:39 in the town of Amwas, Caliph Omar Ibn Khattab (ra), the Muslims had just entered into Jerusalem. And suddenly this plague breaks out, taeun breaks out.

This one taeun (plague) Amwas was not nearly as significant as that except that it took hundreds of sahaba, thousands of TABAYYUN.

Umar ibn khattab (ra) was the khalifa’. He heard about it. Umar ibn khattab (Ra) decided to make his way over to al-Sham to be with his people. Umar (ra) was a man who if the people were suffering he wanted to suffer with them. As he was about to enter, some of the sahaba came to meet him to sort of inform him about the situation as is taking place.

Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah (Ra) who was of course the leader at that time. He came out to Umar (ra) and Umar (ra) asked  him about the situation. Abu Ubaidah (ra) said we are falling like sheep. People are dying right and left. So Umar (Ra) started to take shura (consultation) from the people started to consult from them about what his next step should be. Most of the people told Umar (ra) it’s important for you to go back to medina And  even if you survive this then you might take some of its effects back to Medina and imagine this spreading through Medina as well.

So, Umar (ra) listened to the to them and when the stakes were not just his health, but the stakes were  the entire ummah that this means that Medina could suffer that the khilafah could fall apart that so much could happen… Umar (ra) obviously thinking about the survival of Islam. He’s not thinking about himself. So Umar (ra) said if that’s the case, then we should go back. Abu Ubaidah (ra) says a very famous statement to him. He says, yeah, Amir al-Mu’minin Oh commander of the Believers. Are you running away from the decree of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala?

The most famous moments of Umar (Ra) entering into Jerusalem we are people who Allah honoured through Islam. if we seek it through other than Islam Allah will humiliate us.

Umar (ra) said we are fleeing from the decree of Allah To the decree of Allah. , tawakkul, trust in Allah is not foolishness.  Trust in Allah is to do your part and then put your trust in Allah (swt) To intentionally Put Yourself In Harm’s Way, or to not take harm seriously because you say it’s okay. Allah will take care of it. It’s all right, that’s not courage. That’s not trust in Allah (swt). Allah tells us to do our part to protect ourselves and to do what’s best to avoid harm.


Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Awf(ra)  approached the Gathering. Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Awf (ra) said I have some knowledge of this from the prophet salallahu alaihe Salam. He said I heard the prophet (saw) says if you hear about that plague has strucka land then do not enter into  that land and if it strikes a place and you are in it then  do not leave that place.

That’s the key word right, quarantine right, this idea of trying to contain the harm in one place as much as possible.  Be patient seek, the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala and everything will proceed as he decrees.

This is pretty much what the prophet (saw) the hikmah, the wisdom of the prophet (saw), the mercy of the prophet (saw) in the way He’s teaching us to keep things contained into areas as much as possible.

when something similar struck Medina Umar (ra) went out of his way to suffer the worst of what the people suffered, So Umar (ra) almost died in the the drought that would strike Medina. In fact, subhanAllah has a beautiful statement from Umar (ra) that once he was sitting was so hungry. Death was so imminent. He hadn’t eaten for so long that his stomach was making noises. Omar (ra) he’s tapped his stomach and he said you could growl or not growl. I swear you will not be filled until the Muslims eat.

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