Excited For Intimate Video With Phone Online! Don’t Be Embarrassed Later | A Sister’Story | Mufti Menk

The globe today we are facing challenges where so many ideas, So many ideas are floating around online and on the net. As so many ideas, some of them are good ideas and a lot of them are just a waste of time. Many of them would lead us astray completely.

It’s up to you to pick up what is beneficial and what is not, you know, you see a video that is totally fake. It’s totally fake and you get so excited and pretend like it’s so true and by you believing it’s true you want to actually wipe out one whole category of society and later on when it’s too late you find out that was a fake. Have you ever come across something called deep fake videos?

Be careful. There is too much happening now and our children are exposed to much more than we were exposed. Communications have become such that you can be conned.

Don’t get excited. Anything you’ve ever done on your phone is retrievable. For every technology there is a counter technology, do not be fooled.

Remember, you might be on your own, don’t do something with your phone that you would be embarrassed the day the whole world found out what they was there. Don’t do that which is embarrassing With your phone, if you’re having a video call keep it proper.

People ask fatwas; Look my wife is far away. You know, I’m far away. Can we have a nude video call? From a religious perspective there is awrah, obviously there is an element of respect. Although there may be permissibility because the two of you are married, but you know what? There could be a third party and are in a lot of cases a third party, Somehow someway there was going to get involved in. you might just find that video one day somewhere a person will tell you I saw it on a porn site. It happened,

wallahi it has happened. People become suicidal, be careful. You will pay the price of it. Just learn to hold back a little bit know, you want to do things, not everything needs to happen with the phone. You don’t have to record, At every single moment of yours, the intimate moments keep them as a memory in your mind.

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