Six Powerful Tips On How To Guide Those Who You Love ~ Shaykh Omar Suleiman [Very Important]

You can’t guide those who love. When you read the story of Nuh (a.s) and that painful moments with his son, a prophet who called to Allah for 950 years, only had about 80 or so people and a man who loves his wife and who love son so much… the Shahadah of the wife of Nuh (a.s), the testimony of his wife or his son would be so much more beloved to him probably than everybody else, rights? Your family and he doesn’t have that.

At some point you either resign yourself and you say you know what I can’t do anymore. I just can’t help this person anymore. I can only pray for them and sometimes that person will die without you having been able to come to their aid or come to their help or come to their rescue to help them see the error of their ways and to move forward even and it’s not just human beings by the way even Allah subhana WA Ta’ala.

Though Allah always leaves the door of Tawbah open  Allah subhana wa ta’ala talks about a group of people who insist upon the disobedience and no reminder is benefiting you know what? You want this dunya? Take it, go ahead them whatsoever at this point.

You can’t help someone who’s not willing to help themselves we know that but you can still love them even when your efforts have failed. They can’t stop you from making their dua for them. “You’re still in my prayers, I still love you, I still want what’s good for you”.

So the first thing you can’t help someone who’s not willing but you can still love them while your efforts have failed.

Don’t despair in people because if they see you despair in them that might be what causes them to despair in themselves. show people that you believe in them that you’re not giving up on them because they’re gonna hit a low point if they’re making mistakes and eventually when that happens. they’re gonna wonder if they have a chance to come back and you always have to be in their corner even if they’ve pushed you into a corner and say you do have a way back to Allah subhana wa ta’ala and you do have a way to come to come back to that success in that salvation.

If someone is trying to help you or give you Nasia, give you advice. If someone loves you and cares enough about you to make an effort to stop you from doing something that they believe is wrong at a major mistake, don’t do it in a perfect way, overlook those imperfections in the way that they’re trying to help you and instead appreciate the fact that they’re trying to help you.

– Shaykh Omar Suleiman

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