EP06 | Contentment from Revelation Ramadan Series 2019 Mufti Menk

People have a bad habit of comparing themselves to others and Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has actually told us that he has favoured each one of us in a unique way. You don’t know what Allah has taken away from another and given them something you’re looking at, perhaps if the same was taken away from you, you wouldn’t even cope and you wouldn’t manage. This is why in Surat Annisa

“Don’t wish for and don’t yearn for that which Allah has blessed some above others”

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala has helped us fine-tune our thinking, we will become content when we realize; we have been gifted.

From surah an-nisa: He starts the verses by saying worship Allah alone and don’t associate partners with him in worship and be kind to your parents; kindness to your parents,

Even if your parents are strange in their behaviour and wrong and absurd and even if they’re criminals, we need to offer a little bit of kindness to them. We need we need not obey their instructions when they are wrong but we must be kind to them. Allah has never said follow blindly what your parents say.

From the Quran “be kind to your relatives, the orphans, be kind to the poor. Don’t rebuke them. don’t abuse them, don’t hurt their feelings. Then Allah says your neighbors, no matter who your neighbors are, even if they’re those who are travelling with you, those who are perhaps living next to you, those who work with you, all these are people you interact with they’re considered different types of neighbors, even those in a mode of transport that might be seated next to you, they’re considered your neighbors. Don’t hurt them, don’t harm them.

Allah does not like those who are arrogant, those who are haughty, those who are proud and filled with pride, work on you on these habits, eradicate them and you will definitely achieve contentment.

Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala tells us regarding spending; Allah says those who spend their wealth. So on one hand Allah is speaking about spending wealth, giving the poor, giving those in need

With kindness and then Allah says watch your intention when you’re giving. If you are to give and your intention is to be a show-off then we have another problem. So look at the balance Allah is striking;. On one hand he tells us that you must give and you must be kind and on the so look at the balance Allah is striking;. On one hand he tells us that you must give and you must be kind and on the other hand he says hang on don’t spoil your intention, don’t do it to show people, do it for Our sake.

Allah loves those who do kindness or who engage in kindness remember that. if you were only kind to those whom you thought deserved the kindness, the world would never become a better place. But if you are kind to everyone because you know that’s what makes Allah happy then definitely you will achieve contentment and you will contribute towards the betterment of the entire globe.

“Indeed Allah is aware of your enemies and he is sufficient as a protector and he is sufficient as a helper” (Quran 4:45)

If you know that Allah is more aware of your enemies. Then they are themselves that’s powerful.

If you believe in, you convinced that Allah is in control and he knows and then you believe that he is enough for me allah is sufficient as a protector.


Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says he has instructed you to fulfil and to give the trust to whom it belongs to fulfil the trust right to the end. Don’t break your trust and inshallah you will achieve contentment. – Mufti Menk


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