Practice These Simple But Powerful Things To Calm The Soul – Mufti Menk

Change The Way You Look At Things


Allah has blessed you. Be happy with the morsel of food and always look at those who have less than you. at those across the globe. Our brothers and sisters not only in humanity but in faith as well are struggling without a morsel of clean food or water.

The Quran is here only for us to follow it in order to get happiness, contentment. The Sunnah of the prophet (saw) and its simplicity is only there for us to get contentment and happiness. This contentment is connected to the dunya as well as the Akhirah.

When you lose focus that you are about to go into the hereafter, you become very very  sad because the world is such it progresses faster than you can run behind it. The dunya and the world it will always run faster than you.

You can have the best and the latest and you could be the wealthiest. Someone will something will overtake what you have. There will be things that will progress in a way that you will no longer be at the top. That’s how the world.

But when you are running behind Allah in order to please Allah then you will definitely be the happiest person even if you have a basic salary. Rush towards Allah it will solve your problems of this world and the next.

You will not achieve contentment if there are no five daily prayers in your life. There is no chance of you achieving the total contentment of this world and the next zero chance. You might have temporary happiness due to something material around you but that is not contentment there is a big difference between the two.

Contentment is a condition that you would actually feel and you would live through even if you didn’t have a lot of what others have.

Allah  doesn’t  promise the believers money nor does He promise them that you will have authority on land or good looks or good health and so on with all your sickness and your problems and your unemployment and your difficulties and whatever other issues you have when you are close to Allah it becomes irrelevant. My salah was in order, the minute I said Allah Akbar, I had a smile on my face

Praise Allah by in terms of dikir:

subhanAllah, alhamdulillah,  allahu akbar, la ilaha illa llah, subhanallahi wa bihamdihi, subhan allah al azeem asha’Allah, Tabarrok Allah to get peace in the heart.

In indeed those who believe achieve contentment of the heart through the remembrance of Allah. For indeed it is only through the remembrance of Allah, that the hearts will achieve contentment. (From the holy Quran). –  Mufti Menk

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