No need to become cheap in the language – Mufti Menk

WARNING❗️ Watch what you say about others. It will come back to haunt you‼️ – Mufti Menk

The damaging effects of saying bad things, using dirty words, condemning and using derogatory terms to refer to others is absolutely detrimental to our peace, our own peace and coexistence and long term peace and harmony across the globe. it is happening on a smaller scale within families, within societies and communities within a broader circle internationally too.

Yes, there will be differences; you will explain, perhaps Express be very very respectful in the way you do things, in the way you speak. No need to swear anyone, no need to be derogatory, no need to spew hate absolutely no need. You must make sure that you have been respectful. You carry yourself with utmost respect.

🛑Watch your heart, guard it. Don’t let the hatred go beyond a certain point where you lose your own respect by using cheap language. Let us let us protect ourselves our nation’s humanity at large from wars erupting from people generations down hating each other.

🛑Watch your mouths, watch your tongues, watch what you say and watch what you type. Don’t just spew hate. show that you’re different, prove that you’re a person full of love , full of kindness, full of understanding compassion, even in difference of opinion be just be fair and more than anything else, be respectful – Mufti Menk

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