Help From Muslim Jinn??? Funny | Mufti Menk

Who is there besides Allah that responds the call of the distressed? One of the great reminders from #MuftiMenk that We shouldn’t turn to those besides Allah in a way that will displease Allah when we are in distress. We have sometimes become confused by the devil (#Jinn) who in our desperation to blame someone for our problem, we start doing the wrong thing, remember this. Indeed the cure of ignorance to ask to seek and to seek from the correct source and in order to protect us from chaos and confusion, go back to what Allah has revealed.

In the Quran Allah says that Allah speaks about how there were people from mankind who sought the assistance of the jinn kind so the jinn kind led them further astray further astray.

Allah says in the Quran He has completed our deen (religion).The jinns are liars, they lie. don’t believe even one word not even one or seek #help whether he / she is #Muslim or not.

“Shaitaan is confusing you, playing with your mind, do you not believe in Allah, don’t you know why the last two suras of the Quran were revealed? They were revealed to protect youself from this type of item and ourselves as believers. So why don’t you recite it, why don’t you have conviction in Allah? Allah will cure you continue in the correct path. Don’t fall by destroying relations with those who are totally innocent solely because one man claimed” – Mufti Menk

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