How To Get A Complete Protection From Black Magic And Evil Eye Part 2- Mufti Menk

๐Ÿ›‘Protection from Magic & the Evil Eye Part Two โ€ผ๏ธ– Mufti Menk

๐Ÿ”ดPart two regarding protection from Black Magic, evil eye, envy, jealousy, etc , is dealing with what to do in terms of diet and in terms of what to perhaps rub on your forehead and massage onto chest.

โœ”๏ธIn the form of diet, there is a lot of Shifa and cure in olive oil, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, the ajwa dates, pure raw natural honey, the black seed, the black seed oil, figs according to sunnah of the prophet Muhammed (saw).

โœ”๏ธTo get rid of bad dreams read the following duas before sleeping…..

ุงู„ู„ู‡ู… ุจุงุณู…ูƒ ุฃู…ูˆุช ูˆุฃุญ
Allahumma Bismika Amutu Wa Ahya
[O Allah, with Your Name will I die and live (wake up)].”
ุจูุงุณู’ู…ููƒูŽ ุฑูŽุจู‘ููŠ ูˆูŽุถูŽุนู’ุชู ุฌูŽู†ู’ุจููŠุŒ ูˆูŽุจููƒูŽ ุฃูŽุฑู’ููŽุนูู‡ูุŒ ููŽุฅูู†ู’ ุฃูŽู…ู’ุณูŽูƒู’ุชูŽ ู†ูŽูู’ุณููŠ ููŽุงุฑู’ุญูŽู…ู’ู‡ูŽุงุŒ ูˆูŽุฅูู†ู’ ุฃูŽุฑู’ุณูŽู„ู’ุชูŽู‡ูŽุง ููŽุงุญู’ููŽุธู’ู‡ูŽุงุŒ ุจูู…ูŽุง ุชูŽุญู’ููŽุธู ุจูู‡ู ุนูุจูŽุงุฏูŽูƒูŽ ุงู„ุตู‘ูŽุงู„ูุญููŠู†ูŽ.
Bismika rabbee wadaAAtu janbee wabika arfaAAuh, fa-in amsakta nafsee farhamha, wa-in arsaltaha fahfathha bima tahfathu bihi AAibadakas-saliheen
In Your name my Lord, I lie down and in Your name I rise, so if You should take my soul then have mercy upon it, and if You should return my soul then protect it in the manner You do so with Your righteous servants.
Al-Bukari 11:126

โŒit’s important for us to make sure that we don’t blame superstition for everything…..

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