Be The Most Humble Person While Giving | Mufti Menk

Before starting off the lecture #MuftiMenk mentions that you are just a number. That’s it don’t ever think that you’re better than the people you are speaking to and don’t ever think that you’re higher than anyone else. Because if that’s the case you will never be able to reach their hearts speak as though they are better than you. The talk was given at the #Africa Muslims #Agency – 30 Years Commemoration in Cape Town South Africa. He presents the importance of giving charity and helping orphans unconditionally by quoting from hadiths and the Quran. He says that when we came onto the earth we had zero and when we are going to leave we will still have zero with us besides our deeds obviously. When we die there are two things what we earned is one and what we spent is another subhanAllah we’re going to be asked about both. The best thing give #charity what Allah has blessed with and don’t expect anything.

“Your closeness to Allah is closely reflected in your character those who are harsh and hard-hearted they cannot be close to Allah.” –Mufti Menk

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