Whom You Allow To Be Your Friend ! Be Careful | Mufti Menk

#MuftiMenk explains what Islam says about friendship and how to select a true friend in the light of the Quran and hadith with English subtitle. He adds that myself and yourselves we have a certain level of #spirituality that level of spirituality is governed by those around us.

Mufti Menk Quote in this lecture, “If you stay in the company of someone and you make sure that your friends are those who are good; who have a good scent when I say good scent, I’m not talking of hugo boss and all those smells no; we are talking about a spiritual flavor to the life of an individual -they are truthful they are honest. They are free from drugs free and from alcohol inshallah you will find yourself naturally -you will find yourself very uncomfortable even when you want to light a cigarette- none of them smoke that is the power of company”.

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