The kingdom of Solomon / Prophet Suleiman (As) With Amazing Stories of Angel _Jinn… | Mufti Menk

In this lecture #MuftiMenk mentions the history of the Prophet Sulaiman ( #Solomon) who used to control all creatures of the Almighty by the grace of Almighty Allah (Swt) including #jinn kind and all of them were controlled under his authority. The Prophet #Sulaiman (A.s) was the youngest son of the Prophet #Dawud / #David (peace be upon him). The story of Queen #Sheba or #Bilqis, #angels, horses of Suleiman (As), difference between #miracles and #blackmagic, #ants, etc are narrated as well in this lecture. Despite his status and rank, Sulaiman AS was #humble, just and #compassionate, not just to the human race but to the most insignificant insect. In the story of The Ant of Sulaiman AS we saw how he diverted his entire army in order to avoid trampling an anthill.

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