Spouse’s Mistake

#MuftiMenk makes mentions of as a believing #female or a believing #male when your #spouse has done something wrong (#mistake), you need to sit and seek Allah’s forgiveness to begin with. Both of you ask Allah’s forgiveness when He forgives you and your slate is clean you will be able to think properly and extend your hand if they show a speck of #remorse in this clip.

Mufti Menk quotes in this clip “With your own spouse someone whom you took into your relationship, the most intimate relationship that they could be with the name of Allah you took that person and you hold every droplet of what they did against them; you have a sickness of doubt against your husband, against your wife; every small call, every small movement, every movement of the eye, every time they leave the house; that’s it he’s committing sin, she’s committing sin if that’s your attitude trust me you never be able to lead a life; it’s not going to happen.”

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