Help Others Who Have Difficulties To Get Definite Allah’s Help

#MuftiMenk makes mention of we are one body as muslimeen when the finger is hurting the whole body is restless. We should quickly reach out to our brothers /sisters in the need (#difficulities) of the Muslim Ummah in this video clip. Allah promises that He will continue to #help His worshipper for as long as that worshipper continues to help. No matter who they are, forget about what color they are, what race they area tribe they are, etc, you reach out to people Allah promises that on the day of qiyamah (judgement day) I will reach out to you.

“Reach deep into your pockets in order to give generously, Allah will recompense it in ways that you have never imagined, He will draw you closer to Him and the best wealth to give is that when you fear poverty”. – Mufti Menk

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