People Are Equal Like The Teeth Of A Comb

In this video clip #MuftiMenk makes mention of the hadith ” People Are Equal Like The Teeth Of A Comb” regarding #equality of #Mankind. So let’s start to build bridges to others removing tribalism, nationalism and racism as the message of Islam is for the entire human race.

“Allah says We created you different tribes and people in order that you recognise one another. So that you can know… not in order to destroy your bridge, not in order to say we are better. wallahi there is a disease with nearly every tribe in the whole world. Every tribe believes that they are better than the other a sign of Shaytan’s trap. He is putting dynamite on your bridge to destroy it. That exactly is the racism, the tribalism Iblis (devil)’s crime was exactly. He (Iblis) said I am better than you, that’s why Allah said you are cursed”. – Mufti Menk

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