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Two Profound Scenes On Laylatul Qadr | Dr. Omar Suleiman

There are two scenes on Laylatul Qadr that are profound and engage the Angels in a way that they are not engaged at any other time of the year.

The first scene is the scene of hope, the scene of traffic where you literally have Angels transferring between the heavens and the Earth, descending upon the various  Masajid, descending upon the various homes, descending upon every individual that is engaged in a state of dhikr, in the state of the remembrance of Allah and taking those names back up to Allah.

As Ibn Kathir (rah) says, what comes down on that night is everything that will happen of that year in terms of the recording of your sustenance, what you’re going to gain that year. So as you’re doing your accounting for the year and you’re making all sorts of your strategic decisions of what you want to earn that year, just as Allah decrees, every drop of rain that will fall, Allah on that night decrees every single Penny that will go into your account, your rizq, your sustenance is decreed. What will happen in terms of your lifespan, the events of the year that will come.