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The Answers To Why I Am A Muslim | Mufti Menk

I am a Muslim because I believe I was created by a Maker and I believe that Maker is the only One Who deserves any act of worship. I want to have a direct relationship with my Maker, that’s why I’m a Muslim.

I believe I’m a Muslim because I’m so sophisticated that when I die, I cannot just disappear into thin air. I have to go back to the one who had me before I was even born. That’s why I’m a Muslim.

You cannot have everything you want here on Earth, but Allah promises you and all the rules and regulations He made are just and fair in order to instill discipline in mankind so that you lead the best of lives.

When Allah tells you we have predestined things, do you know what He says; don’t become arrogant because Allah gave you something. It was predestined as a test for you, that’s what it was.

Allah says when you get don’t become arrogant. Remember, it’s a test and when you lose, don’t lose faith. Allah says don’t become too saddened by what you’ve lost. Why? These are the days of the world.

Islam is one faith, there will always be people from among the Muslims who will consider the prohibited, prohibited right up to the end and the permissible, permissible right up to the end.