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“Does Anyone Leave Islam Being Upset And Angry with Islam” Abu Sufyan (Ra)’s Answer! Shaykh Shaqur Rahman

From those who enter Islam, leave Islam being upset and angry with Islam; does anyone do this? and abu sufian (ra) answered no, and abu sufian (ra) answered no, no one does this.

19 years flushes through his mind and he can’t find a single instance He can’t find one in 19 years. And that is exactly how eman works. If it enters and penetrates Into the Depths and inner corners of the heart…..

When this happens; there’s no way that anything except increasing eman can happen;  Love for that eman as sweetness that cannot be compared with anything such that people are willing to sacrifice everything for that faith.

And then add to this the statement of the Prophet salallahu alihi wasalam; whoever ever finds these three things. Then he will taste the sweetness of it.

If you’re sincere to those three things, you will taste that sweetness and live the reality that the sahaba (ra) were living in.