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His Hypothesis Got Stuck By Blue Flying Elephants! Adnan Rashid VS Atheist | Speakers Corner

The only life we are aware of, in our knowledge is on planet earth. There is no life anywhere else. until we know, we have to assume that there is planet earth. And this is because this is all we can see.

At the moment as we stand now in the 21st century with all our gadgets, and all our abilities, instruments, and everything, we know of life, nowhere else, except the planet earth.

as possible as it may be to have life on other planets, this is how possible it may be to have blue flying elephants on other planets.

There are two possibilities. Either the sun fell into its place by accident and then by accident, we ended up having life on planet earth by accident or this is all planned. It’s been designed, placed, fine tuned because the solar system is mathematical each and every single planet the sun and the moon…

The solar system is more sophisticated than the mobile device.

Yet you are willing to postulate an accident for the solar system and not for the mobile phone. That the solar system came about as an accident, not the mobile phone.

Can we conclude that a man did not make a universe? Therefore,  it has to be someone out there.

How did you get to an unknown entity?

By using my rationality by using my observation, by looking around me;  I’m looking at the solar system.. What we did see are the signs because we see fine tuning. Fine tuning can only exist through or by a fine tuner.

The universe and the solar system in particular is finely tuned. if it’s finely tuned, there must be a fine tuner.