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The Best Way To Deal With Ignorant People! An Amazing Incident From (ﷺ) Prophet And Abu Bakr (Ra) | Mufti Menk

You see in reality Allah speaks about heaven and hell. Allah  if you lived your life in a criminal way and you think the long arm of the law is not going to get…., subhanallah I am not gonna get to you. You’re wrong. It will catch up with you at some stage or another.

Allah says, you know what, if you were to perpetrate a crime you need to be penalized. When He says that is a sign that He is fair and just.

there was a Hadith of the prophet (saw) where He was seated with Abu Bakr as-siddiq (ra) and the man kept on you know, Bad-mouthing Abu Bakr (Ra)  in front of him,  speaking badwords. vulgar words, it was hurting him.  But Abu Bakr (ra) kept smiling and he was quiet. and the prophet (saw) kept smiling and he was looking at Abu Bakr as-siddiq (ra) And so something amazing and interesting happened.

A little while later, Abu bakr (ra) could not manage. You know, he’s a human. a bit of steam, he had to let off and so what happened is The prophet’s (saw)’s smile vanished and he got up and quietly walked away.

So when Abu Bakr as-siddiq (ra) went to the prophet peace be upon him and told him you walked away.  He said you know what? When you were silent the Angels were there, defending you. The minute you open your mouth, they went away.

I was smiling at the fact that wow, because what was being said was not harmful. Your bones were not being hurt. It was someone’s words.

When someone utters bad words, what does it show? When someone says you’re a dog, astaghfirullah. in reality It says more about Them than yourself. Imagine think about think about it carefully if you were to smile and walk away. Honestly you have understood what Allah says. When the True Believers are addressed by the ignorant they just say peace and they walk away. Don’t waste your time.  – Mufti Menk