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No Backbiting & No Juicy Gossip | Ramadan Is For Becoming A Better Person

#MuftiMenk makes mention of #Ramadan is a month where we should be careful of what comes out of our mouth yet many of us are only careful about what goes into our mouths. #Backbiting and juicy #gossip will also break your fast; it breaks it in a different way, it nullifies the reward of your fast.

Mufti Menk quotes in this clip “Your Entire Paradise Can Be Achieved Or Lost Based On One Small Deed. So Do Not Belittle The Value Of Goodness Even If It Is A Little Smile And Do Not Belittle The Damage Of A Sin Even If It Is A Drop Of Backbiting You See What Is Backbiting…”

Let Not These Things Spoil Or Donate Good Deeds To Someone Else

In this video clip #MuftiMenk makes mention of how to protect #gooddeeds by not spoiling or donating some else through backbiting, arrogance, expecting recompense after helping someone, etc. Allah says if you want My mercy, you need to do good deeds as none of you will enter #jannah ( #paradise) with your own deeds, it’s the mercy of Allah and Allah loves those who do good deeds.

“ Change your attitude; do deeds for the sake of Allah when you gave someone something when you helped, someone, when you helped someone cross the road when you were kind to people, you were kind to them yes but for the sake of Allah I don’t want something from you in return” – Mufti Menk