Know Marriage Before Donating Your Heart & Soul As A Boyfriend Or A Girlfriend | Mufti Menk

It is recommended to talk to someone you’re intending to get married to, to communicate with them. Don’t hide behind holiness and religion to say, I’m not going to communicate at all.

Let’s face another reality. The problem with us is we develop a haram relationship and donate our hearts free of charge to this charity known as a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And we’ve given them the heart and the soul before we’ve involved the first family member. So we were blinded to all their faults.

And then we come up and want to impose it on everyone and say, you know what? I’m going to marry this jackal from down the road.

Don’t make mistakes. Don’t donate your heart before involving your folks.

I tell you what, the kids of those who have had decent marriages, may Allah make all of us from among them. You see it in the children. You see when children witness the love and affection between parents, the time you spend to look at each other and smile and say good words and words of love and romance, wallahi, it empowers them.

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