Do These Stop Your Humble Submission To Creator_ How Your Look After 24 Hours After Death | Ustad Ali Hammuda

Get to know yourself, come to grips with your deficiency. This will immediately, by the permission of Allah, put us on the pathway to Khushoo’/ humble submission to know who you are. Because when you recognize the majesty of Allah, you automatically recognize the lowly state of man.

Every aspect of Islam is easy if you manage to keep your ego at bay. if you acknowledge that there is an ego problem and then you keep that ego at bay, get to know your deficiency. When you speak about people, speak about them in a positive way. When you speak about yourself, acknowledge your weaknesses. This is the essence of humble submissiveness.

Our predecessors were like that. They realized and acknowledged their weaknesses. So Allah blessed them with humble submissiveness .

it wasn’t for Allah veiling our faults, we would have been exposed, utterly exposed. People who recognized their worth before Allah, So He (Allah) raised them.

One of the greatest ways fostering humble submissiveness in our hearts is recognizing the might of Allah through a structured study and a recitation of the Quran.

Number two, through coming to groups with your deficiencies, remembering them every day.

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