Debunking Massive Misunderstandings About Hijab Even By Some Muslims | Mufti Menk

In Islam, we believe that Allah Almighty has given us a certain type of modest beautification through clothing and yes, to cover your private parts, to cover yourself in a nice way, to look presentable, all of this is actually part and parcel of the gift of Allah Almighty upon us.

Hijab is a whole system that we tread upon and live by for the sake of Allah.

When we say hijab, many people think it’s just a piece of cloth, on the heads of women covering their hair, not realizing it’s an entire lifestyle.

Allah says don’t show everything that you have to everyone that is there, otherwise you will not be appreciated.

Part of hijab is to love yourself the way Allah has made you, to appreciate it, to thank Allah for it and dress in a beautiful, modest way whereby your body parts are not being revealed.

Hijab requires you to speak very respectfully to the opposite gender with utmost respect. They should see the character in you, of modesty, honesty, goodness and so on.

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