Rekindle Your Married Life With These Five Love Languages | Shaykh Shaqur Rehman

Family relationship, our family, This is central to us having a strong Ummah.

Our reference point must be Allah, not what the west telling us. This is how relationships should be, not what the media is telling us. This is the romance story that you must live, not what the novels are telling us.

They are not the ones who understand what true right and responsibilities are and what will actually lead to the greatest outcome in the future.

It’s not about the self. It’s about bringing up a righteous family.

Islam tells you, It’s about Allah and you’re bringing up righteous children and you’re not falling into Haram / forbidden because you’re fulfilling each other’s physical needs, then you’ve got  a good marriage but at the same time, treat them and live with each other in a good way.

The more work that we do in this regard, the stronger Ummah we will have.

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