Don’t Mess Up Your Attained Ramadan Reward On Eid Day | Mufti Menk And Dr. Omar Suleiman

Who deserves to have Eid? It’s only those who took the month of Ramadan seriously, Allah says in order that you complete the entire period So Allah gives you the day of Eid because He’s guided you. If you have followed them, you deserve a day of Eid.

If you did not respect the month of Ramadan, you don’t deserve a day of Eid. Make sure you don’t mess up the reward that you’ve attained throughout the month of Ramadan.

When you’re dressed appropriately, it doesn’t mean here is the day of eid, I remove my appropriate dress. I covered up so nicely. In Islam, clothing is there to cover. in other cultures, sometimes clothing is there to reveal. Ask yourself, am I clothing in order to cover or my clothing in order to show and reveal.

Allah says, when Ramadan ends, don’t go back to the old you That was before Ramadan, but rather maintain that goodness in that balance and understand I need to improve myself. I must do something better than I did before Ramadan, after Ramadan.

We thank Allah by what He has given to us, by what He has done for us, by Ebadh / by fasting. But celebration is very unique in Islam; the idea of Eid is very unique in Islam. Our two Eids in Islam is that they both come after worship, they both come after sacrifice.

When you sacrifice for Allah (swt), then you have the joy of reaping the acceptance of Allah (swt), the reward in that sense in this life, and you have the greater joy of seeing the reward of it in the next life.

Our Eids mark our own efforts; they come after our own efforts and then depending on the mercy of Allah (swt), celebrating the mercy of Allah (swt).

Allah says, call Me, I will answer you, call Me, I will answer you. The Prophet (pbuh) said call Allah with the certainty in His response.

It’s celebrating the mercy of Allah that ya Allah, you allowed us to worship You.

We celebrate our Eids not in heedlessness, not with disobedience of Allah (swt), We celebrate our Eid with recitation, with celebration, counting on the greater celebration with Allah (swt).

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