What To Do When Your Parents Tell You To Divorce Your Spouse | Mufti Menk

In Surah An-Nisa, which is obviously dedicated to the women. One thing that is clear in the Surah; Allah has repeated the issue of Justice several times in the Surah.

Many of us are guilty for not being just when it comes to our women folk; Be it our wives, be it our mothers, our sisters, sometimes our daughters and even our in-laws and so on.

May Allah (swt) grant us an understanding that when we came, we brought nothing. When we are going to leave, we will leave with nothing besides our deeds. So this whole world is actually there for us to do as many good deeds as we can.

Allah will throw into your examination; Women, wives, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, business partners, whoever else. Allah throws them into your test in order to see what do you do?

this is why, when it comes to laws of money, there is no other Act of worship that Allah has mentioned in such great detail than that of the wealth that you leave behind when you die. There are very few minor differences of opinion when it comes to inheritance. There are very few minor differences of opinion when it comes to inheritance.

So I call on you, my brothers and sisters, to learn the rules of inheritance, to learn that the money is not yours. The wealth that you found on Earth belonged to Allah.

Today, for some petty reasons, your father could tell you divorce your wife. What is right for you to do; You need to ask yourself, Is my father right, or is my wife right? The answer is, when it comes to who is right, you’ve got to look at what the issue is.

Sometimes you might have to protect your wife from the harm of your own mother, and sometimes you might have to protect your mother from the harm of your own wife.

What’s the point of me failing in the last moments when I’m about to meet with Allah (swt)? And my will is totally upside down, completely unislamic, totally in the opposite direction of the instruction of Allah. And that’s the last thing I needed to do as I left. You’re not going to take your wealth with you.

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