Is My Reciting Going All In Vain! 7 Best Tips To Connect With The Quran | Ustad Bilal Assad

Question is, is my reciting going all in vain? And some people even say, well, can I read it in English? Is my reward gonna go, am I not gonna connect to the Quran and if I do that and the answer is no, Brothers and sisters.

The question is, how or why would Allah (Swt) tell us that you have immense reward for just reciting it without understanding? And then in other parts of the Quran, Allah says, why do they not ponder and reflect upon the Quran?

How will you ponder and reflect upon the Quran, if you don’t even open it up, if you don’t even recite it, if you don’t even read it?

So first of all, the Quran and the prophet (Pbuh), they call you to read it first and then comes upon pondering and the reflect naturally and automatically when you really want to connect with the Quran, Allah (swt) guides you through its reading to take that next step.

The Quran calls you to be consistent in reading it and not abandon it, for each time you read the Quran, It amazingly has something to say about what you are going through.

To the point that if you read it with reflection in care, you will soon discover that, as I said before, the Quran is actually reading you and knock the other way around.

The first thing I want to advise you is this, make time to learn how to read in Arabic. Even if you’re extremely slow at the start, keep going, grab a Quran app.

The second step is to recite once you know how to read, start reciting the surahs that you already know off by heart.

Number three; spend about 10 minutes or so looking up the translations of the meanings of the verses which you have recited, even if it’s just one verse, even if it’s just one word.

Number four, as you’re reciting to what and ask yourself the question, Do I do this? What actions do I do that I may be falling into what this verse is saying to me or a particular commandment you come across; you might say, am I doing enough of this Act lately?

Number five, after you ask yourself that question, don’t keep yourself there because then you might feel depressed. Answer your questions and give yourself an answer.

Now, number six, grab a pen or just put it mentally in your head and say to yourself, This is my next plan. For the next week or two, I’m gonna focus on practicing this particular verse, or I’m gonna focus on monitoring myself in this verse on making myself even better.

And Lastly, I’ll just add a number seven for you. Sometimes you don’t feel like we can…the Quran too often. Sometimes you get a little bit bored. Well, listen, even if you listen to the Arabic words being recited with a melodious voice, grab your favorite reciter.

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