Watch It If You Doubt The Existence Of God! Hashim Vs Agnostic Moses | Speakers Corner

Do believe in the reality of the universe? So if I were to ask you where did this reality come from?

For so long a human being who is by nature curious. They will somehow ask questions and come to certain understanding. So in all your years of your life when you answer this question, what have you so far gathered from the research that you have done?

Let me ask you possible scenarios. Do you think it could have come from nothing, the universe?

But I would say no, you know, why? [Why] because nothing doesn’t even exist. If something doesn’t exist, how can it bring about something that does exist?

If you studied logic, then you will come to the conclusion that nothing doesn’t exist. Hence, it cannot bring about something.

In our universe which is real…how you perceive them, how do you understand their origin…

The Most basic understanding of our reality.

Basic understanding of our reality is that it didn’t exist by itself. The universe did not come by itself.

So any person and this goes for any atheist / any agnostic when they say I don’t know they are in no position to say somebody is right or something is wrong.

You cannot have something that is contradictory and you say I accept that without questioning it. That’s a reason as a Believer, you know, our book the Quran tells us to ponder over….

As a person who My Quran tells me to ponder on the signs, By the way, you know, the Quran doesn’t tell you not to use your intellect.  In fact, it encourages you to use it. So my Quran, my basis is quite logical and rational in that sense.

How will you understand the universe without rationality / without logic / without even thinking about it that God has given you intellect for you to think?

If you’re going to be a hyper skeptical about everything then even your existence, you have to question.

If the universe is not even sentient, it cannot create itself.

So if I were to ask you did you create yourself? Now I’m asking you the same concept apply to the universe. Can the universe create itself?

So first try to understand do I acknowledge and accept the reality in this world? Your purpose of the life is to acknowledge and to worship the one true God.

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