Allah Says To Have The Key Four Qualities To Be Real Successful | Ustad Asim Khan

Surah Al-Asr, despite it being so short,  It has a very profound meaning; in terms of a general sense some of the scholars they say that the overall meaning of Surah Al-Asr  Is a message about success; the definition of what real successes And what real failure looks like.

Ideas of success whether they come from, do they come from a reading the Quran, listening to the words of the prophet (saw) or have they been fed to us from the media, had been fed to us through Society our environment, you know, and if that is the case, how does it stack up to The definition of success given to us for example Surah Al-Asr?

Look at this Surah, Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala Beginning by  taking an oath in order Usually the meaning of an oath is to raise our estimation about what is to be sent to catch our attention and to show emphasis About what is going to be mentioned thereafter.

Allah’s perspective on things is the correct perspective, is the only true perspective.

Allah says, the reason why they’re not included amongst those that are in khusr/in loss is because they do four things: Yes, these four key qualities define our understanding of who is a good person.

Do we still class them as a good person from a point of view Islam? and the answer is given in this Surah.

So the definition of who is successful is based on these if these four things are encapsulated in a person’s belief and character and lifestyles then they are considered to be a good person based on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet (saw).


To be a successful human being, to be a good person, a good Muslim part of it is going out there and being very open about your faith with other people in sha Allah,

Embody four characteristics: Faith, Good Deeds, openly propagating Islam and being steadfast on the consequences of all of this

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