Release With Goodness And The Reality Of Triple Talaq For A Divorce | Mufti Menk

When we get married, we don’t come together in order to have a fight. But naturally, sometimes we would have problems and this is why we are rewarded to try and solve the problems.


In some instances, We’re unable to solve these problems not because any one of the two is bad, but we were different people perhaps our upbringing was so different we did not realise that prior to the marriage and so if we have so much of difficulty that it starts affecting our minds and we just cannot cope. It is permissible to separate by way of divorce.

You’re not the first person who is going through a divorce and you will not be the last one, subhanallah.

Remember the divorce is an opportunity given by Allah Almighty for you to Rise and Shine, for you to earn reward, for you to be able to earn the pleasure of Allah and ultimate Paradise.

Who are respectful upon the divorce and after the divorce they are the ones who will actually get Paradise as a result of the divorce perhaps because they engaged in something that was tough for them, but they did it correctly.

Did you know that it is very sinful to issue a divorce by Talaq  Thrice?

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