Why The Sunnah Way of sleeping Position To Avoid Spinal Problems | Dr. Bilal Philips

An Incident from the prophet (saw)’s life in which he said on one occasion when he saw an individual lying on the ground by the name of ya’ish ibn thkfah. He (saw) saw him lying on the ground on his stomach. So he came and when he woke up and he looked at the prophet (saw). He (saw) told him this is the method of lying which God hates.

A list of doctor’s recommendation to avoid spinal problems; Number one: on the list was not to sleep on your stomach.

1400 years ago Muslims, when the prophet (Saw) said don’t do it, because it’s hated by Allah. They stopped doing it though they used to like to sleep on their stomach just like we do and over these 1400 years they benefited. All the people who didn’t do it were harmed one way or another.

That’s how we should approach the things which Allah has prohibited and disliked and it’s better not to do it. Stay away from it because there’s harm in it. Even if we can’t see where the harm is…

The prophet Muahmmad (Saw) warned 1400 ago, when nobody had any idea….

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