Lailatul Qadr- Dos And Don’ts while Making Dua | Mufti Menk

The Hadith says whosoever does not ask Allah, Allah becomes upset with that person, Subhan Allah.

The prophet Muhammad sallallahu wasallam says Allah Almighty hears every dua, every prayer, and every supplication. He gives you whatever He Wills to give you as a result of the supplication and it’s never a loss because if you ask Allah for something and He knows it’s bad for you. He may give you something else that is good for you.

One of the beautiful ways of seeking from Allah is to say o Allah if this is good for me give it to me, if it is not good for me. Keep it away from me.

When you call out to Allah, You can’t just make dua all night and then sin all day or as soon as you ask Allah, you’re not conscious of the instructions of Allah.

Keep calling out to Allah. Don’t be selfish when you call out to Allah, call out for others as well; your family members, your friends Even your enemies, the others the entire ummah, Humanity at At large, call out for everyone. When you call out for others. The angels are saying oh Allah give this person the same as well.

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