What Make The truly Successful Ones | CITOCS-Ep13 | Mufti Menk

Allah Almighty tells us to develop a relationship with him in the most beautiful way. Be conscious of what He has ordained.

Be conscious of the do’s and don’ts, try your best to adopt what Allah has said and you will achieve a lot of comfort at all times.
A Sign of the goodness of a human being is Regret. it shows that you are connected to Allah, you have a good relationship with your bad Deeds should make you regret.
Be from among those who speaks with utmost respect to others. You are conveying what Allah has revealed to others. It’s not done in a harsh way.
Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala tells us that two qualities if they’re found in people, the
Angels may come to help them.
Develop your patience, develop your relationship with Allah and here against the enemy Allah will grant you Victory.

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