That Hadith People Forget In Respect Of Marriage Fixation– Mufti Menk

One of the biggest diseases is when we worry about others. So, many problems come about because people worry about what others are going to say; brother, lead your life, the others will follow.

If we followed the proper system that of Islam that is so simple; free of racism, nepotism, tribalism, whatever else ISM and free of materialism etc, we would have been married a long time back.

One of the reasons why we’re not happy in our families is we’re blocking what Allah did not block. Remember this, we stopping what Allah did not stop.

So how can you be happy? How are you going to have a happy home? Towards our happy home you want to walk in that direction.

The hadith says if the Deen is good if the Akhlaq (manners) are great and so on and the both of them would like to marry one another. If you’re not going to let that happen? The same hadith says there will be fitna (distress) and Fasad (rottenness) on earth. People don’t want to hear that hadith. Sometimes religious people don’t want to hear it.

A lot of the people are suffering. Make things, easy make halal easy Allah will give you happiness. If you make halal easy you’ve made haram difficult and if you made halal difficult you made haram easy.

Don’t let your pride and your ego drive you beyond what Allah has told you, not at all.

If Allah wanted he could have created a singular so you have no family. It’s just me. If he wanted he could have done that we could have grown from the ground like the trees, know it’s just me. I’m alone, singular but Allah wanted us to feel better to have a type of a life where we are empowered by those around us. They support us so we live and we can actually have interactions that are beneficial for us. Every interaction will either take you towards Jannah which is paradise or towards Hellfire which is Jahannam every, interaction is one of the two.

Every time something happens ask yourself if the Prophet (saw) was here what would he have told me and it does Allah allowed all these or does he not allow it? How can I actually earn a reward and how can I protect myself from the opposite, as simple as that?

-Mufti Menk


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