Allah Created Humankind From One Source | Mufti Menk & Nouman Ali khan

Allah is the Master of all #humanity. so this book is not just for #Muslims; this book is actually a call to all of humanity Allah Azzawajal has taken a #covenant from them a promise from them before they were even brought on this earth and they forgot that promise.

Human beings are compassionate creatures that in their or in their essence they have the capability of showing #love, #mercy and compassion like no other creature that’s why we don’t just show compassion to ourselves and to our family members we are capable of showing #compassion to a neighbour to a stranger to even another animal to plants. We show compassion all around; we show compassion when you’re walking down the street and you see a rock in the path you remove that rock that’s part of you being an insan’ (human) in other words Humanity is actually called humanity because they care about other People and when that sentiment that quality is removed from the human being they’re not even insan anymore.

–Nouman Ali khan Both #NoumanAliKhan and #MuftiMenk pointed out Allah Created Humankind From One Source in light of the holy #Quran in this video clip.

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