My Brother Sonny Bill Williams & Tattoos | Mufti Menk

n this clip #MuftiMenk talks about his meeting with Sonny Bill Williams, doing umrah by #SonnyBillWilliams and #Tattoos.

Mufti Menk Quote in this lecture “He (Sonny Bill Williams) is so selfless that I can let you in on something else; who have his kits his boots and a few other things; he just gives things away. People know this so.. it’s not like he did it as a stunt; some people were saying oh it was just a publicity stunt and I think that the media you know really made it clear that this was not a publicity stunt because he was already so popular and he didn’t need the popularity but it was something that came from his heart and definitely he does have a good heart like I said. He did say that Islam has played the biggest role what it’s done for me inside; he cannot even explain”.

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